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      [2] Le Roy Frontenac, 25 Mars, 1699. Frontenac's death was not known at Versailles till April. Le Roy d' Angleterre Bellomont, 2 Avril, 1699; La Potherie, IV. 128; Callires Bellomont, 7 Ao?t, 1699.

      Elisha Plaisted."They insist on searching the house ... searching the house! At this hour!"

      [490] Works of Franklin, I. 219. Franklin intimates that while Loudon was constantly writing, he rarely sent off despatches. This is a mistake; there is abundance of them, often tediously long, in the Public Record Office.

      While bullets are whistling and cannons do roar,

      "Could it have been the Hotel Warrington?"


      1710-1754.Abb Verreaua high authority on questions of Canadian historytells me a comparison of the handwriting has convinced him that these pretended letters of Montcalm are the work of Roubaud.


      V2 Canada as a private soldier twenty years before, and had so prospered on fraudulent contracts that he would soon be worth nearly a million. "I have often," continues Montcalm, "spoken of these expenditures to M. de Vaudreuil and M. Bigot; and each throws the blame on the other." [571] And yet at the same time Vaudreuil was assuring the Minister that Bigot was without blame.[774] Foligny, Journal mmoratif. Journal tenu l'Arme, etc.


      [179] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 25 Octobre, 1711.