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      "But I ?un'tyesterday I wur fair crying and sobbing in front of all the children. In the kitchen, it wurafter supperI put down my head on the table, and"

      He took his place beside her, but he could not fix his mind on what they sang. In the intervals between the[Pg 153] anthems he was able to pour out instalments of his tragedy. Bessie was very brave, she lifted her eyes to his, and would not let them falter, but he felt her little coarse fingers trembling in his hand.

      "Where shall I stand?by the gipsies' tent?or right forrard by the stalls? I'd like to stand by the stalls, and then maybe when I'm not fiddling they'll give me sweeties."

      Norma headed for her own cubicle, where she ignored the papers and the telephone messages waiting for her and reached for the intercom button instead. She pushed it twice and a voice said:

      However, at his first meeting, held at Guldeford Barn, he was surprised to find a strong agricultural element in the audience. He was questioned on his attitude towards the wheat tax and towards the enfranchisement of six-pound householders. The fact was that for a fortnight previously Reuben had been working up public opinion in the Cocks, and also in the London Trader, the Rye tavern he used on market-days. He had managed to convince the two bars that their salvation lay in taxing wheat, malt, and hops, and in suppressing with a heavy hand those upstarts whom Radical sentimentalists wanted at all costs to educate and enfranchise.



      "Now, Dr. Haenlingen" Rogier, Metals chairman and head of the meeting, began.


      Norma thought. "We can start counter-rumors."