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      She caught up her hat and put it on with trembling fingers and in eager haste.How good were these long breaths of air off the sea marshes, enlivened by the speed of the craft! But how unpopulous the harbor! What a crowd of steamboats were laid up along the "Algiers" shore, and of Morgan's Texas steamers, that huddled, with boilers cold, under Slaughter-House Point, while all the dry-docks stood empty. How bare the ship wharves; hardly a score of vessels along the miles of city front. About as many more, the lieutenant said, were at the river's mouth waiting to put to sea, but the towboats were all up here being turned into gunboats or awaiting letters of marque and reprisal in order to nab those very ships the moment they should reach good salt water. Constance and Miranda tingled to tell him of their brave Flora's investment, but dared not, it was such a secret!

      Around behind the stable.

      No, I know. I am not so ignorant as you think me. I have learned a great deal since the night you came up to me at Lady Blankyres.Callippides had sharp earshe was a sycophantand the distance from the two speakers to the spot86 where he stood was only thirty or forty paces. First he caught one of the slaves words, then more, until at last he distinctly heard her say:

      Yes, I know, very strong; butwell, Trafford looks as if he himself were smitten with death. It will be a dreadful blow to the marchioness and Lady Lilias. The marchioness is the duchess now. It sounds strange. We have not had a Duchess of Belfayre among us for so long.

      Anna remained silent. While there was praise of him what more could she want for sweet calm?

      So turned the talk upon the long-time absentee, and instances were cited of those outbreaks of utter nonsense which were wont to come from him in awful moments: gibes with which no one reporting them to the uncle could ever make the "old man" smile. The youngest lieutenant (a gun-corporal that day the Battery left New Orleans) told how once amid a fearful havoc, when his piece was so short of men that Kincaid was himself down on the ground sighting and firing it, and an aide-de-camp galloped up asking hotly, "Who's in command here!" the powder-blackened Hilary had risen his tallest and replied,--She started--listened! A gate opened--shut. She sprang to her glass and then from it. In soft haste she needlessly closed the window and drew its shade and curtains. She bathed her eyelids and delicately dried them. At the mirror again she laid deft touches on brow and crown, harkening between for any messenger's step, and presently, without reason, began to set the room more exquisitely to rights. Now she faced the door and stood attentive, and now she took up a small volume and sat down by her lamp.


      "Yes," he replied, "we shall certainly engage the enemy's ships to-morrow, and you ladies must--"


      Youre wrong! he said, with an oath.


      "March," echoed the chiefs, and the battery broke into column. "Forward! Guide right!" chanted Bartleson, and all moved off save Kincaid.