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      And he reached over and tried to squeeze his wife's hand, but she repulsed it.

      SI AND SHORTY WORK A TRAP AND LAND SOME PRISONERS."Yes," said Shorty frankly. "You'll see I'm still while all around the gills. Never wuz so rattled in my life. That woman's a witch. You could only kill her by shooting her with a silver bullet. She put a spell on me, sure's you're a foot high. Lord, wouldn't I like to be able to manage her. I'd set her up with a faro-bank or a sweat-board, and she'd win all the money in the army in a month."

      After a diligent search they came across an old canoe hollowed out of a tulip-tree log. It was a cranky affair, and likely to turn over if their hair was not parted exactly in the middle; but both of the boys were used to canoe management, and they decided to risk the thing.

      "Very unexpected, General, but very kind in you to visit me," he said, bowing, and washing his hands with invisible soap.

      "Take a big swig," she said; "hit's mouty good stuffole Jeff Thompson's brewin' from yaller corn raised on rich bottom land.""I'd rather tackle any two men there are in the Southern Confederacy than that woman," said Shorty. "I believe she put a spell on me."

      The negro brought in the supper, and the men ate it sitting by the fire."Why, one of my Sergeants reported that a Corporal came from your Headquarters, and directed the raid to be made."


      "I don't understand," mumbled Si.As Shorty ran around the corner he came face-to-face with a stalwart Irishman, one of the pluckiest of the squad brought from Jeffersonville. His face was drawn and white with fright, and he fumbled at his beads.


      "No," to a raw Captain, who strolled in, smoking a cheap cheroot. "The General's not in to an officer who comes in here like as if Headquarters was a ward caucus. He'll be in to you when you put on your sword and button up your coat."


      "Do the same," he said to Shorty, who complied, as Si had done, in half-comprehension. The rebel handed his revolver to Shorty, stepped to the window and listened.