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      Suddenly, in the midst of a deal, his hand became motionless, and he looked up listeningly. His ears, quicker than the othersand they were by no means slowhad caught a significant sound.

      It would not have been safe, she said. They would[315] guess that I should do that, and would have followed and overtaken me. As it was, Simon came back and followed on my track, and I had to break it short by taking the horse up the stream and going into the wood. I lay hid there for hours; twice he passed me almost close, and it was not until I saw him ride back across the hill that I dared venture to make for the camp. Then I lost my way, and have been wandering about foroh, I do not know how long. Perhaps I must have got in the direction of the hut again, and no doubt that was Simon we heard cry out just now.

      III THE GENERAL'S CHOICENorman sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes, and extracted the hideously colored and uncomfortably feeling paper, read it, then sprung out of bed quite wide awake now.

      Not some ribbon? he said. I thought women wanted ribbon every hour of the day.

      "Without a doubt!"42 Lyrcus was too good a hunter to have any doubt what he should do. Going directly home he unfastened Bremon, led him into the house, and let him snuff Byssas clothes, repeating:

      When Esmeralda went down they were all assembled in the drawing-roomshe had waited until she had heard the second bell, waited with a strange nervousness which she had not felt on her first visit to Belfayreand her entrance made a sensation. The shaded light fell upon her ivory-clear face and red-gold hair, and upon the superb dress and flashing jewels, so that she looked like a picture of Rossettis.



      Not Ada, he said, solemnly. She passed out of my life when you entered it, Esmeralda.


      We wont suppose anything of the kind, he said. My dear Lady Wyndover, what is more natural? Trafford and Esmeralda have both been very much upset by the dukes death. There is nothing in the world so helpful in a bereavement of this kind as complete change of air and scene. Trafford has very wisely taken Esmeralda to what may be called her native air.