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      "Why yes, I suppose it does," Allingham admitted, not knowing what else to say.

      "Lieutenant Ferry is not sending me to any house."Charles, you ought to go to bed, she said, and stop there to-morrow.

      Oh, I am so glad, she said. And if its not impertinent may I suggest something?

      She has just made one for me, said her husband. Perhaps you didnt know that she lives in Bracebridge with her brother. She is my secretary and typewriter."On my first visit to Japan," replied Doctor Bronson, "this little carriage was not in use. We went around on foot or on horseback, or in norimons and cangos."



      "Well, we saw so many things that I couldn't begin to guess in half an hour. What was it?"The sailors on the junk were very prompt in obeying orders, but they went about everything with an air of coolness which one does not always see on an American vessel. Ordinarily they pulled at ropes as though they would not hurt either the ropes or themselves; but it was observed that when the captain gave an order for anything, there was no attempt at shirking. One of the sailors stood at the sheet of the mainsail, and while he held on and waited for directions his mate was quietly smoking and seated on the deck. When the order came for changing the position of the sail, the pipe was instantly dropped and the work was attended to; when the work was over, the pipe was resumed as if nothing had happened. Evidently[Pg 275] the sailors were not much affected by the fashions that the foreigners had introduced, for they were all dressed in the costume that prevailed previous to the treaty of Commodore Perry, and before a single innovation had been made in the way of navigation. The captain of the junk looked with disdain upon a steamer that was at anchor not far from where his craft was obliged to pass, and evidently he had no very high opinion of the barbarian invention. He was content with things as they were, and the ship that had borne his ancestors in safety was quite good enough for him and his comrades.


      Time's noblest offspring is the last."