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      He began bustling about with more activity, and giving his orders in a louder voice. He saw Pete Skidmore pick up what had been once a militia officer's gaudy coat, and examine it curiously. He shouted at him:

      Of course, there were not many explorers on the new planet, and it was a hard job for them to dig out the metal the Confederation needed.

      An elegy of oats.Oh, don't ask the government, friends, because the government is going to tell you they liked it just fine, going to tell you they loved it being just like everybody else, free and equal and liberated at last.

      RE: Your memo May 15"Yes. Blast 'em wud gunpowder. I've heard of its being done. I'd never dig all the stuff out myselfyards of it there bewiller rootses always wur hemmed spready."

      "They have rights," Dodd said stubbornly. "They have rights of their own."


      He was carrying his Belbis beam, of course. The little metal tube didn't look like much, but it was guaranteed to stop anything short of a spaceship in its tracks, and by the very simple method of making holes. The Belbis beam would make holes in nearly anything: Alberts, people or most materials. It projected a quarter-inch beam of force in as near a straight line as Einsteinian physics would allow, and it was extremely efficient. Albin had been practicing with it for three years, twice a week.The rebels listened with growing impatience to the words, and as Monty concluded with his best flourish they yelled angrily:


      "I guessed too.""Well, I should say there was something to stop for," answered Shorty, as they arrived where they could see, and found the whole country in front swarming with rebel cavalry as far as their eyes could reach.


      The anthem crashed gaily into their sorrow, and grasping the hymn-sheet they sang together.