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      Should you turn from me now that they winter in fold?"

      "Is the fight over?"

      "See hereI must be going."

      Reuben pulled up his chair to the table. His father sat at one end, and at the other sat Mrs. Backfield; Harry was opposite Reuben.

      "There they are. Don't you see that white there?" said Jim, capping his musket for another shot.


      She picked the child out of the cradle, and began to walk up and down the room, rocking it in her arms. Fanny's wails grew louder, more long-drawn, and more plaintive.


      "You know," Greta said, "you're cute."


      In the far-off days before the age of Confederation, war had, perhaps, been an affair of grinding, constant attack and defense. No one could say for sure: many records were gone, much had been destroyed. But now there was waiting, preparation, linked batteries of armaments and calculators for predictionand then the brief rush and flurry of battle, followed by the immense waiting once more.