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      "Yes; I have a good many books. I am always buying; but I find I never have exactly the book I want. And as I have no librarian I am too apt to forget the books I have. If I could afford to spend more of my life at the Mount, I would engage some learned gentleman, whose life had been a failure, to take care of my books. Are you Cornish, like your husband, Mrs. Disney?"We shall dine alone to-night, said Lady Wyndover. So you need not dress.

      "I am not like the domestic cat. It is not houses I care for, but individuals. My affections would not transfer themselves to the new tenants."

      The long night was over; and the sun was high. It seemed as if they were sailing over a summer sea, and through the scuttle port she saw a little foreign town nestling under the shelter of pine-clad hills.

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