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      Two undred pounds, said Taffy. The darned fool; he should ave said two thousand!

      As Esmeralda sunk unconscious against Traffords breast, a sharp cry of horror rose from Varley, and was echoed by Norman, who came up a moment or two afterward. The revolver dropped from Varleys hand, and he stood staring[325] before him with ashen face and quivering lips. She had come between him and Trafford at the very moment Varley pulled the trigger; there had not even been time for him to divert his aim.

      He went up to town and wandered from his rooms to the club, from the club to his rooms. Men and women greeted him with hushed voices and sympathetic looks, and he returned their greetings with the unnatural calmness which had fallen upon him since he had discovered her flight; but very often he did not know to whom he was speaking. He was leading a life in death, moving and speaking like a man in a dream. He had promised Lady Wyndover that he would seek for Esmeralda at once; but he did not seek for her; he felt that it was of no use. By this time she and Norman were hidden away beyond pursuit.

      She paused half mechanically, a thrill running through her as she recognized Traffordsher husbands!and was about to leave the room when the words Ada said smote her ear; literally smote, for they fell almost like a physical blow that half stunned her. She stood rooted to the spot, the color fading from her face, her lovely eyes slowly distending with fear and horror.


      Varley nodded.



      Trafford smiled and touched the revolver in his belt. Johnson eyed the spare but muscular figure clad in the rough and semi-digger clothes which Trafford had procured at Ballarat, and nodded approvingly.