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      Youyou love me? he said.

      But Flora's ears were closed. "Well," she audibly mused, "he'll get a recall."

      Then dont call me Miss Chetwynde, said Esmeralda.When Sylvia smiles

      The ponies came round with the diminutive groom in attendance, and Trafford was just on the point of dismissing him, when he reflected that perhaps Esmeralda would prefer to have the lad with them, and the boy got up in the rumble behind. She took her seat in the place beside the drivers, but Trafford shook his head with a smile and gave her the reins.A smile stole over her face; it was like a smile of welcome, and he smiled in response.

      All right; its no fault of yours, he said in response to her reiterated and wailing assertions that she had only left the hut for a few minutes, and that Esmeralda had always been able to take care of herself.Yes, he had been right! She was here, and Norman was with her. His heart was torn with jealousy and rageand love. For he loved her still. He had had time to think on the outward journey, and the more he thought, the more easy it had become for him to find excuses for Esmeralda. He thought of her, a wild, uncultivated girl, ignorant of the world into which she had been flung by a whim of capricious fortune.

      What name did you say? he demanded so sternly that the young fellow drew back as if he expected a blow.



      You dont want to go back, Esmeralda?


      Barkers uneasiness increased.