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      "Please say good-night to him for me," he said hurriedly ... "Good-by." He held out his hand.

      The great name pulled Blanche up short. She stared at Pen with wide troubled eyes. "What for?" she whispered hoarsely.

      [481] Ibid., 28 Ao?t, 1756.Clerk, chief engineer, was sent to reconnoitre the French works from Mount Defiance; and came back with the report that, to judge from what he could see, they might be carried by assault. Then, without waiting to bring up his cannon, Abercromby prepared to storm the lines.

      [731] Amherst to Gage, 1 Aug. 1759.


      "A love-affair maybe?"


      "Oh, Don!"p. 281. That the sacramental bread is changed into the Lord Jesus Christ, the Living Saviour, God and man.


      "I didn't suppose it. I just took a chance."Pitt resigned, and his colleagues rejoiced. [871] Power fell to Bute and the Tories; and great was the fall. The mass of the nation was with the defeated Minister. On Lord Mayor's Day Bute and Barrington were passing St. Paul's in a coach, which the crowd mistook for that of Pitt, and cheered lustily; till one man, looking in at the window, shouted to the rest: "This isn't Pitt; it's Bute, and be damned to him!" The cheers turned forthwith to hisses, mixed with cries of "No Bute!" "No Newcastle salmon!" "Pitt forever!" Handfuls of mud were showered against the coach, and Barrington's ruffles were besmirched with it. [872]