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      Is it romantic? said Esmeralda. You mean, like a story? Well, I should have thought there wasnt anything very curious about it. Yes, people do stare, and Ive seen things people print about me in the paper. It seems a lot of[110] fuss about one girl, when there are such heaps here. But if it amuses them, I dont mind; I suppose theyll get tired of it before long, and find some one else to make a fuss about.

      Only one sentence, Esmeralda, he said. And see, dearest, I say it kneeling at your feet. It is: Forgive me!

      Esmeralda! he said, in amazement. My dear one, youyou are not serious? He took her hand and held it caressingly, soothingly. Such words hurt me, though they are only in jest. You can not be serious. And yetlet me look at you!

      "And if we never meet again on earthwill you remember me kindly?"

      I am not at all tired, said Esmeralda. Why should I be?


      He spoke with the air of command which few women can resist. Lady Wyndover insensibly grew calmer.The color flashed into Esmeraldas cheeks.



      The duke begged me to say how sorry he was that he could not be down to receive you, he said; but he is feeling[128] a little tired this afternoon. He hopes to see you at dinner.I have not forgotten, she said, and her voice was altogether sad now. But answer me: you promised.