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      "Better us than the Patriots' League," said the younger detective to Hilary as Greenleaf moved off. "They've got your friend down in their Send-'em-to-hell book and are after him now. That's how come we to be--"

      Turning frightfully pale, he tottered and covered his eyes with both hands as though to escape a sight full of awe and horror.

      Instead, with an agony of fondness, she glided to him. Distress held him as fast and mute as at the flag presentation. But when she would have knelt he caught her elbows and held her up by force.Oh, but I do care for music, she said; I am very fond of it. She looked round for Norman Druce. Norman, go and sing something. Sing one of the songs you sung at Three Star.

      She opened the door and listened. The great house was very quiet; there was no sound but the ticking of the tall clock that stood in the hall and the heavy breathing of the great hound which lay on the rug before the fire-place.

      Periphas laughed.


      Varley smoked on, with his eyes half closed, through the renewed dinfor this last piece of audacity on the part of Dogs Ear was being discussed warmly and with an appropriate accompaniment of fiery language; but though he looked the embodiment of mental and physical ease, there was an under-current of vague anxiety and disquietude running below his outward placidity. Esmeralda had not written for the last six weeks; and notwithstanding the reason which he had given to Taffy for her silence, he was disquieted. She had written, until this break, so regularly, and she had promised to give him a full account of her wedding. He had read a description of it in the Melbourne paper, it is true, but he wanted to read it in her own words, to glean between the lines whether she were happy or not.


      Anna laughed again and blushed to the throat as she retorted, "What has that to do with our bazaar?"