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      It isnt a he; its a lady, drawled Varley, looking straight before himLady Ada Lancing, the lady you left that message with, and who stole that letter of yours.There was a moments silence, then she said Yes!

      Now Sam and Maxime, deeming the incident closed, were walking up the levee road beyond the stock-pens, in the new and more sympathetic company of the two mounted bull-drivers, to whose love of patriotic adventure they had appealed successfully. A few yards beyond a roadside pool backed by willow bushes they set down tar-bucket and pillow, and under a low, vast live-oak bough turned and waited. A gibbous moon had set, and presently a fog rolled down the river, blotting out landscape and stars and making even these willows dim and unreal. Ideal conditions! Now if their guest of honor, with or without his friend, would but stop at this pool to wash the Stock-Landing muck from his horse's shins--but even luck has its limits.I have told you all, said Trafford. And now I answer your question as to what I intend to do. As I have said, Esmeralda shall decide.

      She greeted him with the quiet nonchalance which we favor nowadays, the quietude and repose which must be observed though our hearts are breaking: and not until they had taken[152] two or three turns round the room did she speak; then she said:

      He looked about her feet.

      Now, Trafford would have liked to have remained, and, indeed, have settled, at Three Star; for the greatest happiness of his life had come to him there, and it was there that he learned what Esmeraldas love meant. And again he became almost as popular as Esmeralda herself. The men admired him for his strength, for the fearless way in which he rode, his skill with weapons of offense and defense, and the complete absence of side. He was always ready to lend a helping hand with their work, or to take part in anything going on, and his appearance in the Eldorado was always heartily welcomed. He almost forgot that he was a duke, and Three Star may be said to have quite forgotten it.


      Quite, said Esmeralda. You know them all, I suppose?


      You and Lord Trafford appear to be excellent friends, my dear, she said, when he had gone.


      Right away, capn, responded Bill. He turned up his eyes at the bandage apologetically. Any one ud think, by the appearance of me, that Id lost the whole uv my scalp, instead o only havin one side o my hair cut; but dont let on about it now. He jerked his head toward Mother Melinda, who, with her arms akimbo, was watching him with a surgeons pride. Ill wait till I get outside fore I takes the blamed thing off. It wouldnt do to hurt her feelins, Varley; shes as proud of it as if shed took a leg off me.I hear all you say, she said, at last, huskily, and still I repeat: it is not true. Esmeralda is incapable of itand Norman! Yes, he, too, is incapable of it!