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      In spite of their reverses, the French kept hold on Acadia. Biencourt, partially at least, rebuilt Port Royal; while winter after winter the smoke of fur traders' huts curled into the still, sharp air of these frosty wilds, till at length, with happier auspices, plans of settlement were resumed.Perhaps we ought to have waited for a lucky day.

      "Yes ... Yes," she said to his few explanations. It was all so sadly clear.

      "Look!" pursued the chief, "here he is! "and he brought forward a youth of sixteen, named Pierre Debre, who became at once of the greatest service to the French, his knowledge of the Indian language making him an excellent interpreter.

      "You see they're under way?" asked Anna.

      [13] Ibid., 78.

      STEPHANUS, SON OF EUCTEMON. Accused of treason. Sentenced TO DRINK THE HEMLOCK.Two or three more belts were hung on the line, each with its appropriate speech; and then the speaker closed his harangue: "I go to spend what 291 remains of the summer in my own country, in games and dances and rejoicing for the blessing of peace." He had interspersed his discourse throughout with now a song and now a dance; and the council ended in a general dancing, in which Iroquois, Hurons, Algonquins, Montagnais, Atticamegues, and French, all took part, after their respective fashions.


      A So far as the idiomatic differences of the two languages would permit, the translator has endeavored to retain the simplicity of style deemed by the author best suited to his purpose.Look! whispered Lycon, pointing to the boy, fortune favors us. The sentinel is slumbering at his post. We shall come upon them unawares.



      6 The Cychreans were obliged to be content with this, but each man in secret carefully examined his weapons; no one believed himself safe.She called loudly upon the gods name.