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      You are, he said; and though he spoke gravely, something in his voice deepened the color in her face.Barkers uneasiness increased.

      Dont be frightened, said Esmeralda in the lowest of whispers. I am not going to shoot youbut you can pretend I amI mean to escape, and you may as well help me, while pretending not to. Dont speak! Youre a woman like myself; think of what your friends would be suffering if you had been carried off as I have beenif you were in the same danger as I am! It is of them I am thinking more than myself, and I mean to get away.The man who had made her prisoner replied in the affirmative.

      Me? she said. Oh! thats very kind of you. I should like it awfully. I only go for a drive in the carriage, and its hot and stuffy, and makes me feel as if I couldnt breathe.

      "Connie, I--I believe she did!"


      Its the steak! she said.


      The two men grasped and wrung hands, and Norman looked at his cousin with all the old admiration and devotion;[159] and Traffords grave face lighted up with pleased surprise and affection.


      "We have a few paltry things, of course," she spoke on, "but barely would they pay half. They would neither save our honor, neither leave us anything for rent or bread! Our house, to be sure, is worth more than we have borrowed on it, but in the meantime--"You think so? she said, quickly. I must give her something! She felt round her dress hurriedly; then uttered an exclamation of impatience and disappointment. I forgot! she said; these stupid dresses never have pockets. Give me some money; quick!