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      So that Esmeralda had grown up as innocent of love and love-makingindeed, far more innocentas nineteen out of twenty English girls.

      Esmeralda laughed, and threw her hair from her forehead with a slight graceful jerk which was unconsciously maddening.

      Varley drew a long breath.He smiled gravely.

      I hope we shall meet again, Miss Chetwynde, he said, and went off with Lady Ada on his arm.


      The coach drew up before the saloon, and the parting with Varley Howard took place. Its manner was characteristic of both. Outwardly he was calm and impassive as usual, and neither Mr. Pinchook nor the on-lookers guessed how the gamester was racked.


      I remember that chestnut when I was a boy in knickerbockers,[203] remarked Lord Selvaine, plaintively; but Esmeralda laughed, and Norman urged on his wild career.I wish theyd do that in England, he said, with a sigh. Though, I suppose, it wouldnt be quite fair; for, if you borrow money, you must pay for it. Well, the duke is up to his neck in debt. Everything is mortgaged that can be; and though there are thousands of acres of land, and half a dozen big houses as well as Belfayre, theyre all mortgaged, and really belonging to some one else if they liked to swoop down upon them.


      Her lips formed the word What?