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      The carriage drew up at the house, and the footman opened the door. Barker, who had come by train, was on the steps. Esmeralda saw a pretty cottage, with brown beams projecting through the cream-colored stone, and with lattice windows daintily curtained with muslin.And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!

      What is it, Varley? asked one of the players.

      I do not know, said Trafford.When they reached home they found the duke up and awaiting them; for he rarely left his own apartments until late in the afternoon.


      Torturing mystery! that with such words of doom she should yet blush piteously, beam passionately.


      The doctor was outside with the two women arranging the stores which Taffy had brought. Trafford was alone with his girl-wife.


      Varley went outside, and paced up and down. He saw now that Esmeralda still loved her husband, and that if he had shot him, he would have broken her heart, and so, perhaps, have killed her one way as surely as he had, in all probability, killed her with a bullet. Every now and then he went into the hut and gazed at the curtain with a terrible anxiety, and on one occasion he noticed the blood dropping from Traffords arm, and he pointed to it.