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      "I am not a bondmannor is the Baron de Boteler my lord," said father John, in a deep, collected voice.

      "Because I won't."Reuben looked after her as she went out of the room, then he took a couple of strides and caught her up in the passage.

      In time the contrast of silence grew quite painful. It ached. Only the sough of the wind in the reeds troubled itthe feet of Rose and Handshut were noiseless on the grass, they breathed inaudibly, only the breath of the watching night was heard.However, there was no help for it. Reuben was overjoyed, and once more she slipped under his tyranny. This time she found it irksome, his watchfulness was a nuisance, his anxiety was absurd. However, she did not complain. She was too timid, and too fond of him.

      "It'll want a tedious lot of fighting, will that plot," he asserted, to counteract any idea his eagerness might give that Boarzell was a mine of hidden fertility"Dunno as I shall m?ake anything out of it. But it's land I wantwant to m?ake myself a sort of landed praprietor"a lie"and raise the old farm up a bit. I'd like to have the whole of Boarzell. Reckon as Grandturzel 'ud sell me their bit soon as I've got the rest. They'll never m?ake anything out of it."

      "Then you must have bin a valiant basher in your day. It's a pity you let yourself go slack.""Oh, I justabout love baby girls. They're so sweetand all their dresses and that.... Besides we don't want two boys."

      "Ben, don't drive me away. I've been true to you, indeed I have, and Handshut's going to-morrow. Let me inplease let me in. I swear I've been true."

      Reuben was going through a new experience. For the first time in his life he had fallen under the dominion of a personality. From his boyhood he had been enslaved by an idea, but people, in anything except their relation to that idea, had never influenced him. Now for the first time he had a life outside Boarzell, an interest, a set of thoughts, which were not only apart from Boarzell but antagonistic to it."Wot's worth while?"



      They stood on the hillside and looked down at Reuben. He had felled five trees, and was now getting his axe into the sixth. They watched him in silence, and Naomi found herself remembering the way he had looked at her at dinner.


      The Moor was on the eastern edge of the parish, five miles from Rye. Heaving suddenly swart out of the green water-meadows by Socknersh, it piled itself towards the sunrise, dipping to Leasan House. It was hummocked and tussocked with coarse grasshere and there a spread of heather, growing, like all southern heather, almost arboreally. In places the naked soil gaped in sores made by coney-warrens or uprooted bushes. Stones and roots, sharn, shards, and lumps of marl, mixed themselves into the wealden clay, which oozed in red streaks of potential fruitfulness through their sterility."Oh, no," said Reuben, sitting in yesterday's chair, and gazing up at the Rossetti.