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      "Capt. McGillicuddy.

      "Say, cul," said the Englishman, in the friendliest sort of way, "w'at was ye wantin' around among my men?""Go ahead, there, Corporal. We're just behind you."

      The man looked on Shorty's display of wealth with lack-luster eyes, but his wife was fascinated, and quickly closed up a deal which conveyed to Shorty all the food that they had. Just as Shorty had completed payment, there came a shot from little Pete's rifle, and the next instant that youth appeared at the edge of the cornpatch extending up hill from the cabin, hatless, and yelling at the top of his voice. Shorty and the others picked up their guns and took position behind the trees."They'uns 's Injiannians," shouted the rebel Color-Sergeant, waving his flag defiantly. "Come on, you Hoosiers. We'uns 's Mississippians. Remember Buny Visty. Injiannians 's cowards."

      "Why, hit's bad ole Wash Barnstable, what burnt daddy's stable with two horses, an' shot brother Wils through the arm. I'll jist job him in the heart with my bayonet," screamed the boy as he recognized the face. His own features became transfigured with rage, and he began fixing his bayonet. Si pushed forward and caught the bushwhacker by the shoulder and tore the gun from his hand. Nate came springing up, with his bayonet pointed directly at the man's heart. Si saw it in time to thrust it aside, saying in wrathful astonishment:

      "I'll bet I'll hit a rebel if anybody does," said Pete with hopeful animation.


      Shorty looked as if the whole world had lost its charms. "Hardtack without grease's no more taste than chips," he murmured.


      "Here," protested Gid; "Sargint Klegg told me to stand on the right. You're smaller'n me. Git on the other side."BOOK No. 6 PREFACE.