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      His loneliness seemed to drive Reuben closer to the earth. He still had that divine sense of the earth being at once his enemy and his only friend. Just as the gorse which murders the soil with its woody fibres sweetens all the air with its fragrance, so Reuben when he fought the harsh strangling powers of the ground also drank up its sweetness like honey. He did not work so hard as formerly, though he could still dig his furrow with the best of themhe knew that the days had come when he must spare himself. But he maintained his intercourse with the earth by means of long walks in the surrounding country.

      "Hold, kern," interrupted Richard fiercely; "we despise the threat."

      "D?an't tell me," said Coalbran in the bar, "as it wurn't his fault. Foot-and-mouth can't just drop from heaven. He must have bought some furriners, and they've carried it wud 'em, surelye.""If you'd know what the Colonel is, pray travel over

      "And what would ye have, Wat Tyler?" asked Richard, in a conciliatory tone.

      "Don't be so excited, Ben," said Rose; "you've no business to come bursting in here like this."

      "Doing valiant. Will you come out wud me to-morrow evenun to see the toll-burning?"

      My dear Miss Alice, I must come to you and your mother, he said, to learn about my new parishioners. Youve got to tell me all about them. I want you to point out to me every disreputable man, woman, and child in the place, and the naughtier they are the better I shall be pleased. Well rout them out, wont we, and not give them a minutes peace, till they promise to be good.


      Well, I hope hell get a good meal this evening, said Mrs Keeling. Hes taking his supper with us.


      "It'sit's only poetry, f?ather."


      "May be not, Margaret; but yet that lady who sat at her side, looked not so high as the baroness. There was more sweetness in her smile, and gentleness in her voice." "From your loving