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      I do not know how long after that we lay silent, but it seemed an endless time before he exclaimed at last "My God! Dick, you should have told me.""In the first place, the bowl of plain porcelain is ground, so that the enamel will stick closely, which it would not do if the surface were glazed. Then the artist makes a design, on paper, of the pattern he intends putting on the bowl. When his design is finished, he lays it on a flat surface, and takes little pieces of brass wire which has been passed between rollers so that it becomes flattened; these he bends with pincers, so that they take the shape of the figure he wants to represent. Thus he goes over his whole design until every part of the outline, every leaf, flower, and stemin fact, every line of his drawingis represented by a piece of wire bent to the exact shape. The wire then forms a series of partitions; each fragment of it is a cell, or cloison, intended to retain the enamel in place and keep the colors from spreading or mingling. That is the first step in the work.

      "Your clock," echoed the doctor.

      "I naturally thought," resumed I, with a smile meant to refer to the blond dancer, "that the madam must be away somewhere."She looked at the cheque.

      Ten pounds! he said. I shouldnt dream of giving more than seven for it. Even that would be a fancy price.


      "Of course no one has seen this despatch, eh?--Oh!"--a smile--"yes? who?""We shall have it very lively in a short time, and are not likely to reach Shanghai in a hurry."


      "Hello!" called the Federal officer, "who are you, over there?"


      Yes, or is it 30? Ah, theres the Singleton Press Morte dArthur. May I look at that? It is one I have never seen. Ah, what a page! What type!JAPANESE CLOISONN ON METAL. JAPANESE CLOISONN ON METAL.