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      "Are you Catholics or Lutherans? and is there any one among you who will go to confession?"

      On any Monday morning one would have found the superior council in session in the antechamber[47] See "The Jesuits in North America."

      I. 67).

      Soon after both were brought before Thyamis, who sat in all his splendor upon a sort of throne at the221 stern. As they approached he rose with a courtesy that boded ill. 1680, 1681.

      On any Monday morning one would have found the superior council in session in the antechamber[300] The whole of this correspondence between Beaujeu and La Salle will be found in Margry, ii.

      [12] Lamberville to La Barre, 28 Aug., 1684, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 257.


      Their labors over, Poutrincourt set sail for France, proposing to return and take possession of his domain of Port Royal. Seventy-nine men remained at St. Croix. Here was De Monts, feudal lord of half a continent in virtue of two potent syllables, "Henri," scrawled on parchment by the rugged hand of the Bearnais. Here were gentlemen of birth and breeding, Champlain, D'Orville, Beaumont, Sourin, La Motte, Boulay, and Fougeray; here also were the pugnacious cure and his fellow priests, with the Hugnenot ministers, objects of their unceasing ire. The rest were laborers, artisans, and soldiers, all in the pay of the company, and some of them forced into its service.[20] Lettre de la Mre Ste Claire une de ses S?urs Ursulines de Paris. Qubec, 2 Sept., 1640.See Les Ursulines de Qubec, I. 38.


      [7] Vimont, Relation, 1642, 50, 51.The French ambassador at London complained that Dongan excited the Iroquois to war, and Dongan denied the charge. N. Y. Col. Docs., III. 506, 509.


      [172] Robert Cavelier, Sr. de la Salle, Fran?ois Daupin, Sr. de la Forest, 10 Juin, 1679.Strange! he muttered, A bride who falls ill on her wedding daywho ever heard of such a thing? By Zeus, this or something else seems to me a bad omen. Do not forget that you owe me compensation and, by the gods, a double one. In the first place the girl is beautiful enough for many to desire to wed her,174 even without a dowry, and secondly I had calculated on the amount agreed upon as a sum of which I was sure.